Upgrading A Residential Electric Fuse Box in Sarasota

August 2, 2021

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Never overlook needed repairs and upgrades for residential electric in Sarasota. Old, worn wiring might not deliver enough power to appliances so that they struggle to work, risking more wear and tear and premature breakdown. Worn and frayed wiring also increases the risk of electrical fires!

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One vital upgrade to residential electricity in Sarasota is installing a new fuse box or circuit panel when needed. If you’ve never upgraded or replaced your home’s box or panel, you might note why this is so vital for your house and when it’s time to schedule repairs.

Understanding Sarasota Residential Electric Circuit Panels

First note what electric circuit panels do, so you better understand why you should repair or replace them when needed. Your home’s electricity originates from a power plant; that electricity is wired through your home’s meter and then to the circuit panel.

The circuit panel is then wired to various electrical outlets around the home. Larger appliances might have their own wiring directly connected to that circuit panel, while other circuits might send electricity to a number of outlets such as those in the living room or bedroom.

Your Sarasota residential electric circuit panel acts as a safety shutoff; when a relay senses an overload of power or too much heat along the wiring, it will flip that circuit switch, shutting off the current. Without a properly functioning circuit panel in good repair, your home is at greater risk of worn and frayed wiring that can lead to damaged appliances and electrical fires.

Why Residential Electric Circuit Panels Need Repair or Replacing

As with all other materials in your home, electrical wiring and circuit panels need eventual repair or replacing. Wiring wears down after several years, risking fraying and other damage. The switches along the circuit panel can also become worn down so that they don’t work to shut off that flow of power.

Water damage in the home and plumbing leaks as well as excessive humidity or moisture in the area of the circuit panel can lead to rust and corrosion. When those switches rust, they cannot operate as easily and might fail to shut off when needed.

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Most residential circuit panels last 20 to 40 years but note that excessive use can wear down those switches much quicker. This is why it’s never recommended that you use the circuit panel as a switch; for example, if you want to shut off the water heater during the day so it doesn’t waste electricity, find the switch on the appliance itself rather than shutting off the circuit switch.

Added Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Fuse Box

A fuse box or circuit panel might need replacing if you upgrade the home’s appliances or otherwise create new demand on wiring and circuits. Modern appliances often offer lots of added features which require more power to run, and an older circuit box and outdated wiring might not support those demands. When installing new appliances, ensure you have an electrician check the home’s wiring and circuit panel for needed replacing.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade a Residential Electric Fuse Box in Sarasota

While rust and other obvious damage are signs that it’s time to upgrade your residential electric fuse box or circuit panel, be alert to switches that don’t operate smoothly or that don’t shut off a circuit when you disengage them. If you notice a burning smell from the box or panel, it’s vital that you shut off the power immediately and have the wiring checked right away, as this can signal frayed wiring or even an electrical fire.

When breakers trip repeatedly, it’s vital you have the panel and wiring checked. Repeated tripping can signal old and outdated wiring that cannot handle the electrical load needed for the home, or a malfunctioning appliance that is using too much power. Both can increase the risk of an electrical fire, and can also mean added wear and tear on that appliance!

An older circuit panel or fuse box should be checked for needed repairs or replacing even if it seems in good condition. If you’re not sure the age of the panel or box, consider the age of your home; if it’s more than 20 years old, have the panel or box at least inspected by an electrician so he or she can note if it needs repairs or upgrading.

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Sarasota Electrical Services is happy to bring this information to our readers about upgrading a fuse box or circuit panel for residential electric in Sarasota. If you need electrical repairs or new installation, turn to our trusted Sarasota electric repair contractors. We offer expert services and convenient appointments for all your electrical needs!

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