About Our Insured & Licensed Electricians in Sarasota, FL

Licensed Electricians in Sarasota From Our Crew Keep Your Family Safe

Sarasota Electrical Services offers the best, most reliable electrical services for your home or office.

When Sarasota Electrical Services was founded, our owner and operator, a licensed electrician in Sarasota, had several ideas in mind.

We wanted to create an electrical repair company in Florida that provided top-notch services at fair prices while also keeping customer care as the primary focus. It sounds like a lot, but we've accomplished that intention, and now we're ready to share it all with you!

Our family-owned and operated electric repair business wants you to get the excellent maintenance, installation, replacements, and fixes you deserve. We keep our prices moderate because you've earned your right to be comfortable.

Our team of licensed electricians has been at this for over 20 years, and we're only getting better with time. If you're ready to build a relationship with the best in the business, give us a call today.

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Licensed Electricians in Sarasota That Make Electrical Services Simple 

For some of the services for residential and commercial electrical in Sarasota we provide, clients start to panic at the first mention we have to arrange a repair. Electricity is scary in itself if you don't know what you're doing or what we're talking about. Our locally owned and operated electrical repair company does something others can't.

Personal attention is an added benefit of working with Sarasota Electrical Services because we stick around for as long as it takes to answer questions and clear up concerns. Don't get lost in the shuffle or feel as though your emergency electrical repair is rushed. Take advantage of everything we provide by calling us first!


Our Team of Electricians in Sarasota - Qualifications For Full-Range Services 

Commercial electrical, residential electrical, and industrial electrical knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

After you finally find a licensed electrician in Sarasota that you like and trust, you want to hold on to them! Electricians aren't always pleasant or respectful to work with, but with our screening processes and vetting guidelines, we guarantee everyone we send out will treat you with kindness. 

Our crew of contractors has completed all the steps required to become a licensed electrician, or they are on their journey to a master's certificate and working under one of our experts.

Rest assured that your electrical repair in Sarasota will be handled appropriately, efficiently, and with safety in mind. Explore our low rates and request your FREE in-home or virtual estimate by calling us now!

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Electrical Repair in Sarasota - We Have the Solutions You're Looking For!

Your ONLY all-inclusive electrical repair company in Sarasota!

How often are you going to require the assistance of a licensed electrician in Sarasota? It's hard to predict. However, after working with the helpful and active professionals from Sarasota Electrical Services, we're sure you're going to want us for all of your most critical electrical repairs. We do everything!

  • Residential electrical
  • Commercial electrical
  • Industrial electrical
  • Electrical repairs
  • Wiring
  • Circuit breaker installations
  • And so much more!

If there's electricity running to it, then we're the name you can count on. Call our electrical technicians in Sarasota today for the most comprehensive list of electrical repair services you'll find from one company.

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Your #1 Local Licensed Electricians in Sarasota

Timely appointments, accurate estimates, and outstanding electrical repair services for Sarasota and the surrounding areas are found at Sarasota Electrical Services. Residential and commercial electricians are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (941) 500-0549 to learn more!
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